Letters of recommendation and clients and partners feedback

LLC «Ametist Metal Group»
Equipment was completely delivered in time and was accompanied by documentation. StahlNW workers showed themselves as professional and competent specialists concerning technical and commercial issues. They solved all arising problems timely, provided information support.

Tractor Detal
LLC «Tractordetal Group of companies»
Equipment was completely delivered in time, erection works were conducted qualitatively and were accompanied by personal trainings provided by the company.

Kovcheg SPb
LLC «Kovcheg SPb»
Equipment is successfully used in our company till now. During 4 years of exploitation we have not noticed any malfunctions of chain hoists work.

LLC «China National Chemical Engineering Company»
The company fulfilled its obligations qualitatively and timely. We hope for subsequent mutually beneficial cooperation.

LLC «Siberian Chemical Company»
Delivered equipment fully corresponds to our technical and quality requirements and to our expectations. Crane successfully proved to be safe and easy in exploitation.

The company proved to be a reliable supplier of hoisting equipment. We hope for subsequent mutually beneficial cooperation.

Spezstroi of Russia
Federal State Unitary Enterprise «Main department of special building № 5 of Spezstroi of Russia»
During our cooperation the company could show its professionality and competence in the sphere of hoisting equipment. Contract obligations were fulfilled fully and timely. We recommend this company as a diligent and reliable hoisting equipment supplier.