Examination and technical inspection


Service technical inspection

Prolonging of lifespan is possible in case of careful using and timely service maintenance.

StahlNW proposes a service of hoisting equipment service maintenance. This service is aimed at prevention of expen-sive equipment incapacitation. Complex of works includes:

  • Examination of equipment with the aim to check if any shortcomings exist
  • Testing of mountings and connections reliability
  • Application of machine oil, lubrication of connecting details
  • Determination of malfunctions and replacement of broken details
  • Testing of electric equipment working conditions
  • Launching, setup and testing of electric equipment
  • Checking of all necessary details presence according to assembly
We recommend to conduct service maintenance work regularly – once a month is enough.

When technical inspection is done, you get a comprehensive report containing all malfunctions, justified proposal of maintenance and between-repairs works.

Qualified staff of StahlNW guarantees work done in accordance with specific regulations, thorough examination of equipment and prevention of big malfunctions that could stop your production process.

Technical inspection of hoisting equipment
Technical inspection of hoisting equipment