Erection works


Risks of erection works on your own

Самостоятельный монтаж грузоподъемного оборудования, обращение в сторонние малоизвестные организации могут вызвать:

  • Fast deterioration of mechanisms
  • Increased risk of accidents
  • Risk to incapacitate mechanisms on the stages of transportation /

Advantages of professional erection

StahlNW strongly recommends dealing with professional and specialized companies. These are reasons to deal with specialists as far as erection is concerned:

  • Guarantee of safe installation, setup and transportation of mechanisms for your company
  • Guarantee of keeping equipment integrity during the whole process of erection
  • Guarantee of compliance with detailed regulation of commissioning work
  • Guarantee for all accomplished works and subsequent service maintenance, support of hoisting equipment working orde

Contact StahlNW to erect hoisting equipment and during the whole process of cooperation from transportation to commissioning you can be sure that you will get intact and fully functioning equipment.

Erection of hoisting equipment - 4
Erection of hoisting equipment - 2
Erection of hoisting equipment - 3


StahlNW proposes a full range of works concerning erection of hoists, overhead travelling cranes and other hoisting equipment.

Chief-installation is a complex of control activities aimed at quality guarantee and reliability of accomplished works.

  • Incoming control of delivered equipment: receiving from a supplier, estimation of equipment condition, checking of setup quality and of complete set
  • Help with assembly and setup of equipment on the ground
  • Commissioning works represent checking of installed equipment quality, in case of possible mistakes and inaccuracies prompt correction and malfunctions repair take place.
  • Training courses of working with hoisting equipment for clients staff, consulting on safety.

Indicators for equipment complexity and price estimation:

  • Conditions of safety
  • Deadlines for works completion
  • Accommodation size
  • Technology of erection
  • Type, size and weight of equipment
  • Equipment assembly

Before beginning of works we agree on the detailed cost estimate with statement of final price.

Erection of hoisting equipment - 1
Erection of hoisting equipment - 5